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Zeera is building a mentally well workforce

Trusted by leading organizations

Your organization thrives when your people thrive. Zeera is the only clinically-effective mental health solution that supports both People Teams and their employees, helping individuals and organizations find wellness.

Zeera is the front door to care that is:

Affordable: Zeera is the most affordable mental health solution on the market.

Evidence-based and clinically effective: Zeera drives better clinical outcomes than 1:1 therapy.

Inclusive: Zeera has proven clinical efficacy across all races, genders, and household incomes.

Scalable: Because of Zeera’s innovative model, it scales to your full employee population, in ways 1:1 therapy cannot.

No waitlist: Care is available 24/7, on-demand.

Highly engaging: Zeera’s modern approach to care drives engagement, outperforming competitor utilization rates by 10x.

The power of empowering 
your people

Good things happen when you support your employees’ mental wellness.

Zeera effectively improves mental health
After 60 days using Zeera members experience

reduction in 
depression symptoms


in loneliness

reduction in
stress symptoms

increase in

Our offerings

Zeera stands alone as the only mental health solution that meets the demands of People Teams and their employees

  • Launch & Integration support
  • Year-long activation plan for your entire employee population
  • 24/7 Crisis Response Support
  • Comprehensive Engagement Communications
  • Timely response to global, national and internal crisis
  • Workshops + training that speak to the MH needs in today’s workforce
  • Data Insights & Reporting
  • Custom care navigation to external benefits
  • Dedicated member success representative
  • Real’s Signature Audio Library
  • Real member stories
  • Live, anonymous therapist-led groups
  • Proven clinical outcomes
  • Real’s Predictive Care Algorithm
  • Care & crisis navigation, so all your benefits are housed under one solution               
  • Therapist-created tools
  • Anonymously-powered and community driven care

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