About Us

Meet our Founder

Zeera was founded in 2019 by Ariela Safira, driven by a deep passion for revolutionizing mental health care. The inspiration came from a personal experience: a close friend of Ariela’s attempted suicide. And it was only then, at utmost crisis, that she sought mental health care for the first time. Witnessing this, Ariela recognized the urgent need for a mental health care system that meets people before they reach crisis and proactively supports daily mental health needs. Zeera was born out of this vision, aiming to provide accessible and preventative mental health support to meet people where they are, every day.

Zeera's Leadership Team

Led by leaders from mental health care, consumer tech and some of the world’s most engaging content businesses, Zeera’s leadership team brings unique expertise into the space of mental health care.

Ariela Safira

Founder + CEO

Dr. Rachel Hoffman

Chief Clinical Officer

Valerie Texin

Chief Financial Officer + Chief Operations Officer

Jennifer Coccia

Vice President of People + Operations

Olivia Auxier

Vice President of Marketing

Max Baker

Vice President of Revenue

The Clinical Voices
Behind Zeera

Dr. Rachel Hoffman

PhD and Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

Dr. Onisha Etkins

Health equity & research expert with a doctoral degree.

Nai Warren

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

Jack Bartel

Licensed clinical psychologist and LGBTQ+ health educator and consultant.

Maddie Lucas

 Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

Jake Ernst

Relational therapist.

Julia Jarrold

Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

Dr. Wiyatta

Licensed psychologist.

Luis Cornejo

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and Certified Sex Therapist.

Bobby Gilmore

Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

Tamara Hunter

Therapist and the founder.

Nic Harbeck

Nonbinary, pansexual, queer sex therapist.

And many more! The Zeera library is always expanding