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Zeera is transforming how we incorporate mental wellness into our daily routine with a new mental health care model that supports both people (employees) and People teams, bringing effective, relatable mental health care to employee benefits. Powered by the principles behind group therapy, and modernized to speak to today’s social media-powered society, we’re bringing a new care model to life.

Welcome to the Spotify for your mental health.

Built to serve the modern workplace

While 76% of working adults face a symptom of mental illness, only an average 2% of employees utilize the mental health benefits available to them. We should all gasp hearing this disconnect in the need for care and the utilization of care. At Zeera, we’ve started from scratch and built a new model of care, built to support today’s workplace. Available anytime, anywhere.

An innovative, content-first approach to care

We spent years dedicated to research and development to build a new care model, that resonates with folks who don’t resonate with traditional 1:1 therapy. The result? A first-of-its kind Spotify for your mental health, covering the full spectrum of issues we face, delivering therapist-tools, therapist lessons and member stories. The benefits of group therapy, on-demand and anonymous.

Coupled with anonymous group therapy

Anonymously join conversations with experts and therapists to learn, practice skills, and connect live with the Zeera community.

Powered by humanity

The magic of Zeera begins with real people sharing their real stories. At the end of the day, what we all want, need, and clinically benefit from is to know that we are not alone. Zeera captures and showcases the stories of members sharing their personal mental health journeys.

Your outsourced Chief Wellbeing Officer

Mental wellness is not only an individual problem, but an organizational one. And too often, the burden to solve for it is placed on a single HR leader, with limited resources. Partner with Zeera and received year-round support and services to train, support and improve mental wellness across your organizations.

Zeera supports your organization

Empower your workforce with an accessible and inclusive mental wellness benefit.

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Answers to frequently asked questions about Zeera

Zeera brings you a different kind of mental health care experience – proactive care. Our digital, monthly membership allows you to access care whenever you need it via our app.

  • Tools: Digestible audio-sessions and therapist-created tools cover a variety of topics like relationships, family, grief, work, and self improvement, so you can find support wherever you are on your journey.
  • Community stories: Listen and connect to stories from real people about their lived experiences that impact mental health with the ability for you to share your own, while remaining anonymous.
  • Therapist-led live, anonymous groups: Topics cover all aspects of life, from navigating break ups and divorce to working through intrusive thoughts to navigating financial anxiety.

Absolutely! We’ve heard from multiple therapists that utilizing Zeera alongside therapy enhances a person’s progress in therapy. Think of Zeera as your daily mental health routine in service of long term mental wellness analogous to brushing your teeth daily in service of oral hygiene or exercising at the gym regularly in service of physical hygiene. What’s most important to us is that you use the tools and resources that best fit your mental health needs.

Zeera partners with employers to offer our products and services as a benefit for their employees, typically at zero cost to their end employees. If your employer does not currently offer Zeera, we recommend reaching out to a benefits leader within your organization and having them request a demo with our solutions team to discuss opportunities to bring Zeera to your organization or share their contact information with us at and we will reach out directly.

We do not share any personal health information about you with your employer. While we collect information about you in order to personalize your Zeera experience, we never share that with your employer.

We’re here to help! In the Zeera app navigate to the life raft in the upper left hand corner. There you will find two options for navigating your challenges:

a. Help yourself feel better on your own. Here you’ll find tools from our therapy team that will guide you through different techniques that can help you support yourself. Don’t only use this space in your hardest times, come back as often as you need!

List of therapist curated resources outside of Zeera. Here you’ll find
information to equip you with the information that you need to make the
choices that are best for you. Think: phone, text or chat support, crisis helpline, and more.

We’re continuously looking for ways to grow and improve and would love to hear from you. Follow this link to share your feedback with us.

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